A Loyal Dog Refuses To Part With The Coffin Of Her De.c.eased Owner On The Way To The Cemetery


God bless this dog. They are man’s best friend and they never forget their owners👀😨💕🐾

Beautiful pure hearts they are always loyal always ready to please you just want to be part of your family 🙏🙏🙏

Lessie is a hairy from Mexico, who was always characterized by an undeniable love for her owner.
A few months ago, Lessie was dev.astated to lo.se her human dad forever. That man with whom she had shared the last years of her life. Confused and with her heart b.ro.ken, the mestizo did not want to detach from her owner’s body for a moment during the funeral ceremony.

It seems that Lessie rejected the fact that her human had to be put in that little box, so unc.omfortable. She was not sure what was happening, so she preferred to accompany him at all times and continue to protect him until the end.

With her lan.guid little face and without making much movement, the hairy one got on the hearse that carried the body to the cemetery.

Lessie fearlessly accompanied her father at all times and this surprised more than one.

The dog with a bell around her neck, demonstrated exemplary behavior and honored the memory of her owner with her presence.

This man’s own family members were captivated by Lessie’s loyalty.
Lessie’s life must continue and his image will be etched in the memory of many as the most beautiful show of fidelity.

That is a loyal pet ! So sorry for the dogs lo.ss ! Prayers and hea.ling for him. !!

We hope he gets taken care of by a family member and loved…🙏🙏🙏


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